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How often should I clean my gutters?

Gutters should be cleaned at least once in the summer and twice in the fall.

What is an organic shingle?

Organic shingles have a thick, organic felt base reinforcement, the felt is saturated with a soft, flexible asphalt. Organic shingles are tough, durable shingles with excellent durability in extreme cold weather and good performance characteristics in extreme heat.

Can I cover over my existing roof?

Installing a roof over the top of an existing roof is generally acceptable under these guidelines: 1) A building cannot have more than two roofs; 2) No wet insulation can be left in place; 3) The roof structure must be able to handle the additional roof load; 4) The new roof must be attached to the roof deck to meet wind loads (it is not generally acceptable to adhere the new roof to the old roof).

What do I need to do to prepare for the installation of my new roof?

Remove all loose items from walls and shelves. The constant hammering may cause enough vibration to shake these items down. Make sure to clear your driveway and items directly surrounding your home. Also, please see that electrical power is provided to the outside of your home. If exterior plugs are not available, please run an extension cord through a window or door.

Is factory certification important?

Yes, roofing projects cost considerable amounts of money, and they have a tremendous influence on the look of your home. It is important that the company you choose to do your roofing project has the latest training and understanding of the ever-changing roofing market. Manufacturers frequently change materials and installation techniques, and a manufacturer trained and certified company changes with them.

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