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What is a fiber glass shingle?

Fiber glass shingles are built on a core, or mat, of fiber glass reinforcement. Asphalt coating is applied directly to this mat and protective color granules are embedded into the coating. Fiber glass shingles carry a Class A fire resistance rating from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the highest rating available.

Will my new roof project cause damage to my home or the area around it?

Miller Brothers Roofing, LLC makes every effort possible to minimize the chances of any type of damage to your home or property caused by the project at hand. We make use of barricades, plywood, and tarps to minimize the chances of falling debris causing any mishaps.

Does Miller Brothers Roofing, LLC use subcontractors to do its roof projects?

No, we employ full-time factory trained and certified professionals on all of our roofing crews. Controlling the quality level and knowing the personal skill levels of each and every one of our employees is imperative in being able to provide our customers the satisfaction and professionalism that they deserve.

Are three tab asphalt shingles the same as architectural asphalt shingles?

No, architectural shingles are a double layer laminated asphalt shingle. Three tab shingles are a single layer laminated asphalt shingle. The roofing industry is going more and more to architectural shingles due to the fact that they are stronger and do not tear as easily a three tab shingles.

What type of Roofing material should I use on my home?

90% of all residential roofs in America are asphalt shingles. There are, however, costlier material choices that can be made for your roof.  

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