Sometimes it just makes sense to expand your existing residence instead of packing up the family and moving into a new home, possibly a new town. So who do you trust with your most valuable asset in this addition process? Miller Brothers Roofing, LLC, that’s who. Don’t let the name fool you, our company has been helping families with their addition and renovation needs for the past 40 years.

Whether you’re looking to add a sunroom, a new 3 car garage, remodel a kitchen, enclose an existing patio or construct a new 2 floor addition, there is no job too small or too large for us. Our staff will listen to your needs one-on-one and devise a game plan to bring your dreams to life. By drafting comprehensive floor plans, meeting city and state building codes and coordinating all trades necessary for the job you can be assured you will get what you’re looking for. Maybe we can shed some light on some trend setting home improvement techniques in the process as well to better serve you.